Mega! Mega! Mega!

This is big… really big :).  At GingerScraps the designers have gone crazy and we all benefit.  Check out these Megas…

A Color Mega.

My LO with all of these wonderful colors…

Journaling: I have to admit that I’ve never completely understood why someone would take a perfectly lovely flower created by God and pump it full of food coloring to make it glow in the dark. That is, until now. Nena brought this colorful bouquet for Arabella’s Kindergarten graduation and she was thrilled. And an interesting by-product of artificial floral coloring is longevity. The rainbow of petals survived on our kitchen table for three weeks! Yep, and Belles glowed every time she passed them, carefully changing out the blue or green water regularly.

These are also split up into individual colors!  Here’s a page I created with the BLUE…

And there is even a HUGE kit of only Neutrals!  Cool, huh?

I  made a page with this.. using the parts called Dusk and Dawn.

Journaling: When I see this image of Arabella, all I can think about is how much our kids fight sleep! What is up with that anyway? How much will they actually miss during those night time hours? She was so very tired… My sleepy little two year old girl. Love her!

Want them all?  No problem!  They are all bundled in this amazing package.   And seriously, right now they are all priced really well!  Be sure to check it all out.


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