Whose Toy?

Isn’t this a cute kit?!  It’s called Nuts and Bolts and was created by Spinky Dink Scraps and Creations by Rachael.  It was perfect to document my feelings about this particular toy.

Journaling: Do you want to hear something a little pitiful? I was cleaning out toys the other day & ran across this robot. It hasn’t been played with for years (and years). The “remote control” is attached and only allows it to take small, slow steps forward. And in the front once stood a proud Rescue Hero. You see, these toys were some of Joseph’s favorites. They were everyday heroes (sort of): Firemen, Rescue Divers, Police, etc. He had the figures, the plane, the car, and yes, the robot. OK, let’s not get into why a fireman needs to ride on a robot. It’s just cool!

None of my other kids played with them, abandoning the bulky real life warriors for sleek super powered heroes that could only live in a make believe, if not awesome, counter universe. But I was being particularly nostalgic. And I didn’t want to see the huge monster of a toy go. I guess it is partly because I am just slightly saddened by the natural and wonderful growth of a son who has long stopped playing with action figures. I am so very grateful for who he is now, but want to always remember that sweet little boy in awe of a clunky toy.

Were you waiting for the pitiful part? Here it comes… I was so crazy about this plastic masterpiece that I tried to talk Abraham, who is now three, into saying he wanted to keep it. But guess what? It was the one stinking toy he wanted to give away all day!

So I’m proud to say that I photographed it, wrote this pathetic monologue and will give it away, praying that it will find itself in the hands of a bright eyed child who will appreciate it’s magic.


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