I Love My Feet

I have been waiting for an excuse to scrap these shoes, LOL… and this month’s All About Me Challenge at Gotta Pixel has provided just that!

I used this GORGEOUS kit by Spinky Dink Scraps and Kat’s Creations called Insane Moments, which is actually a great name since I was crazy for these kicks.

Journaling: These fantastic shoes were quite expensive for my scroogy self but ended up being worth every single penny. They have been to several countries, amusement parks and have taken countless trips up and down the halls of my office. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and I slipped them on most days that the weather permitted for several years. In June of 2010, the bottoms finally became too worn for me to keep wearing them and I still become a bit teary eyed thinking about it. I have tried to replace them to no avail and fear that every article of footwear I will ever place on my feet from now on will have to live up to their standards. Talk about some “big shoes to fill”. *Sigh*


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I'm the wife of a pastor, mom to four kids, pediatrician and the face behind www.graceincolor.com. View all posts by JenEvangelista

2 responses to “I Love My Feet

  • MrsPeel

    ohhh I LOVE you!!!!!!! and love yopur feet too, you do have nice feet…and bvery well manicured!!!!!!
    I bought this kit, full price actually LOL, you reminded me of this, will do something with it…LOVE your page!!!!!!!
    Huge hugggzzz, beautiful…I m always reading, though not always comment.. Love ya!

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