More iNSD Awesome-ness!

Here are TWO super fun Grab Bags from Wyld Web Designs, on sale for a super great price this weekend in honor of iNSD!

One at GingerScraps…

The full reveal is in the store so you’ll know how much goodness you are actually getting for your 5 bucks!  And here is the LO I created using it.

Journaling: Some of my favorite times of the week are on Wednesday mornings. I’m at home with Abe. Just Abe! He spends a precious couple of hours without any competition for my attention and we both enjoy it. And almost every week, we “take a walk”. We chat and share life on the little stretch of road in front of our house. we speak to the cows & throw rocks in the lake. I know these moments are short-lived and I pray I always apppreciate them.

But wait, there is more!  She has also designed an entirely different Grab Bag she is selling at Scrap Matters.  Isn’t it cute?!

Here’s the LO I made with this awesome grab bag…

Journaling: So, maybe the Big Brother Knight is being gracious, but this particular Princess certainly enjoyed her sword fighting training. It was our trip to the Medieval Times dinner theater in Atlanta that prompted the hand to hand combat and at any given moment you can find at least two children with sticks or swords a blazing around here. Every once in a while we actually sustain an injury, usually at the hands of Sir Abraham, but for this most part it is just pure fun!

Don’t miss out on this really great deals!


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