Ready for Some Baseball? And some freebies!

Here in Georgia, baseball is in FULL SWING, hehe.  And although my boys don’t actually play on a team at this time, they all still love hitting that little ball with that silly stick, even if just in the yard.

And Connie Prince has created this awesome collection celebrating America’s Pasttime!  It’s called Batter, Batter Swing and can be found at GingerScraps, Gotta Pixel, and Scrapbook Bytes.

And the LO I put together using this great kit was LOTD today at Gotta Pixel.  So exciting for me!  Here it is…

Journaling: During the boys summer California trip in 2008, Grandpa took them to a Padres baseball game in San Diego. They had a great time and Jacob witnessed his first Major League Home Run!

It wasn’t the Atlanta Braves, but it still counts, I suppose.
Yay for America’s pasttime. Yay for Grandpa.


Thanks for looking and as a treat for getting to the end, here’s the link to Connie’s blog where you can pick up some AWESOME freebies to go with this great kit, including some textured papers and an alpha!  Seriously, check this out!


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