Spoonful Kit by Crisdam Designs – Two Bucks!

Ok, I’m not the best in the kitchen (as my LO will describe) but I just love this gorgeous kit called Spoonful by Isabel Mendez!  It is so worth picking up for all of you kitchen scrapping needs.. and it is on sale TODAY at Gotta Pixel for only $2!  You can’t even buy 1/2 of a Starbucks coffee for that price.  Seriously!  Go Get It!

Here’s my LO.  It is photoless, which is unusual for me, but I still love it.

Journaling:  The fact that I looked for a photo to place on this page and couldn’t find one is evidence of the truth of it’s content. I am simply not good in the kitchen. I am no Martha Stewart. This fact is actually a bit surprising as most of the women in my family are excellent cooks. My mother and grandmother are both masters in this area and seem to have a gift for creating culinary works of art out of whatever happens to be in their pantry at the moment. Me, not so much. Dinner is the most stressful thought of every day and I start worrying about it before I go to bed the night before. Part of this is because my kids are as picky as, well, kids. Part of it is the time factor, since I don’t get home from work most evenings until after stomachs are growling. There is a little guilt thrown in, a lack of cooking talent, and a total disdain for grocery shopping. All of these factors make me want to cry as the dinner hour rolls around each and every day.

But I will carry on… I will be grateful for my large and hungry family. I will be thankful for the blessing of a full pantry, even if I don’t know what to do with its contents . And I will continue to prepare less than palatable meals, praying for grace and love from those I do it for.
I will accept my shortcomings and embrace opportunities for growth as a person. And I will cook. Uggg.



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2 responses to “Spoonful Kit by Crisdam Designs – Two Bucks!

  • thelatinmrspeel

    wOw…this is more than amazing…
    I think you ll start realizing that, the more you scrap the *ugly* side of life, that one you have metioned a couple of times people dont seem to scrap…you start finding your way out…
    I think this page is awesome.
    Not only visually but your writing is amazing, always.
    in the cooking skills deptment…well, I would say thank God we leave in an era of pre processed food…you can always buy stuff to throw in the oven, but now I see this, am gonna email you a bunch of recipes I created through, not so much not liking cooking (I love it actually) but my lack of energy and time to *stand up* in the kitchen (I don’t stand, I have 3 specially designed seta I move around in…and my kitchen in very small LOL)
    will write later
    love the page, love ya!!!!

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