Easter Chocolate

Colie’s Corner is a guest designer at Scrapbook Bytes in November!  And she has a great exclusive kit over there called Sugar Overload… head over to her blog for a coordinating FREEBIE ;).

Here’s the kit…

Here’s the freebie preview…

And here’s my layout using it…

Journaling: Let me set the stage… My only girl was beautifully dressed in her new smocked white Easter dress. She was as happy as she could be, smiling for pictures and enjoying the morning. Mommy walked out of the room for a few seconds and returned to see her digging into the chocolate previously located in someone’s Easter Basket. Pretty sure it was not her’s, but that’s really beside the point.

At this time, she was still pretty pleased with how things were going & could you blame her? Then I did it! My shock at her brown smudged face and more importantly Hershey covered dress got the best of me and I yelled something like this… “Ahhh! Arabella! No!”.
And you can see from the picture the result, although I don’t think it comes close to doing the moment justice.

Easter Sunday morning was no longer fun for my sweet angel. She knew she had done it and she was very sad.
And I was sad, too. My overreaction was a tad unnecessary as this was certainly not the only lovely dress she owned and let’s be honest, was a cute outfit that important anyway.?

We all got through the sweet laden event. We all ended up having to change clothes. And the Risen Saviour didn’t mind a bit.
I can chuckle now…


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