You Make Life…

I have a confession to make… I have no idea why your face is sporting this fine gear!  This photo was taken in June of 2005 when you were seven years old and I wish I had written about it at that time. I feel sure it was a good story, especially since you are holding up a toy of some sort that in no way seems to fit with your “costume”. Regardless, the picture reminds me of a time when sticking streamers from your nose was a relatively ordinary event, and posing with playthings was a desired activity.

Now that you are in Middle School and becoming a mature young man, these days seem so long ago. I am thankful for each stage of your development and look forward to the days when the things you are currently crazy for also seem like a distant memory. I’m not rushing anything, I just understand that time does indeed pass and life becomes even more beautiful with each lesson we learn. You have a lot to learn, sweet boy, even though you may disagree. And your Dad and I will be here every step of the way to help you on you journey.

I realize that the days of paper crafts turning into face masks are gone for you, but I will always cherish them and I love you.
October, 2010

Using Connie Prince’s You Make Life Elements, Papers, and PreDecorated Papers, each on sale for $1 a pack at Scrapbook Bytes this week!


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