This Look! Seriously! I see it way too often. She is only five years old and has it down pat. I look forward to more fun and more attitude from my little “angel”. It is cute now but I’m sure it will grow into quite an annoyance!
Oh well, the joys of parenthood.

And this grungy, girly, fun kit by Isabel Mendez called Agatha is on sale for $2 Tuesday, October 12th only!  The Add On is only $1.  These are super fun!


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One response to “Whatever

  • MrsPeel

    I know why American TV series have these dream families, where everyone is good looking …because you guys exist! 😉
    she is a doll, like all of you, you are all so beautiful….
    love the page, Jen, is absolutely gorgeous, as are all the others you have been producing. The way you have grown in your scrapping almost makes me feel proud of having believed in you from day one.
    Now, you are quiet right in everything here: first, they are indeed cute.
    But hold your horses and start making yourself clear from now, because it does tsop being cute, and it turn into something other than anoying…but yeah, great photo LOL
    Huge huggzz , I am always here, always reading, even if my body doesn’t have the strenght to weite 🙂

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