Trick or Treat

On this particular Halloween, Abraham was only one week old. Joe and Jake were too cool to Trick or Treat so they went with my parents to their church festival and played all evening on blow up slides. Arabella, however, was ready to fill that little bag with goodies. She would have nothing to do with the costume we had chosen together the week before and instead donned an old princess dress. It was only slightly too small so this post-partum mom didn’t put up much of a fight. Daddy faithfully scoured the neighborhood with daughter in tow searching out houses with porch lights on, ready to bestow pure sugar on young children. I followed behind with our newborn in a stoller and we left Grandpa & Grandy in charge of giving out candy at the house.

We all tired pretty quickly, but the victory of Bella’s spoils was sweet nonetheless!

Using Boo! The Kit by Isabel Mendez.  Perfect for all of your Halloween pics, both cute and scary.


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