Expecting # 4

This photo was taken the morning that Abraham was born. It was one week before his due date and within hours of cradling him in my belly, I was holding him tightly in my arms. Abe was the 4th little blessing in our home and I was very comfortable with the process of delivering a baby. I knew the pain and knew exactly what to expect. 
What always seems to take me by suprise, however, is the amount of love that pours out of me as I look at the face of our newborn angel. The miracle that Brad & I have been given the responsibility of raising brings out the core of my maternal nature. My inability to resist loving that baby, even if I tried; my willingness to die for him; the growth my heart encounters… these are not new feelings to me but are astounding nonetheless.

Even as I type this three years later, I am overwhelmed with the emotions of that moment. This photo was taken the day our family became complete. And I will never stop thanking God for our precious #4.
October 1, 2010

I used this gorgeous kit by Isabel Mendez.  It is called Expecting and is perfect for all of your pregnancy pictures and stories. I also used (roughly, lol) a lovely template from Bella Gypsy found in October’s Templatepolooza.


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