I Am That Hero

When Jacob was about two years old he loved Larry Boy!  None of our kids were crazy about Veggie Tales, but for some reason the spin off series starring Larry the Cucumber as a nasally, bumbling, yet good natured superhero was a huge hit with Jake!  He had the Larry Mobile and I even became the mom that played the music in my car at his request (please read that as his constant crying and whining until I turned it on).
The good news is that there was always a moral to the stories and the thought of watching it with him didn’t make me want to shove sticks under my fingernails (like a certain purple dinosaur show we all know).
It’s been a long time since I heard Larry Boy’s Battle Cry, and since all of our tapes were literally “tapes”, as in VHS, I don’t know if it is in our future for Abe or not.  Regardless, I  will never forget the whiney cucumber shouting “I. Am. That. Hero.”
Using the kit by Damsel Designs, It’s Rocket Science.

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One response to “I Am That Hero

  • thelatinmrspeel

    awwwwww sooo cute!!!!!!!
    love the page Jen!!!!
    and I know about those moanings and wingings LOL
    with us was the wheels on the bius, that at some point made me sick …
    love how you are progressing with your scrapping!
    Huge hugzzzz!!!!

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