Everybody’s Got One, Right?

A digital scrapbooking blog, I mean :).  Well, now I do, too!  If you happened to be looking for my family’s personal blog, you are very close.  It is filled with good stuff on the off chance I’ve updated it and can be found at www.evangelistasonline.com.

Here you will see family stuff as well, but in a slighty different format.  You see, I have a relatively secret love for photography, design and digital scrapbooking.  I have been a scrapper for as long as I can remember, stuffing things into non-archival sticky albums since elementary school.  And that was a long, long time ago!  I transitioned to an official “paper scrapper” logically but couldn’t seem to find the time to sneak away to play with my stash of goodies, especially once all of my pictures became digital and printing them was an extra chore.

So when I was introduced to digital scrapbooking, I was intrigued.  Well, honestly, at first I totally poo poo’d the idea because you couldn’t “feel” the “textures” or get your hands dirty, so to speak.  And then I tried it.  The rest is, as the saying goes, history.  It became a bit of a passion and an excellent way to clear my mind, wind down and express myself creatively.

After a long day in my real life job, then wrestling, I mean enjoying my four beautiful children & trying to be a decent wife to my wonderful husband, my mind is usually mush.  I can’t really concentrate on the intellectual pursuits I wish I was pursuing, and my body revolts when I try to over extend it in the cleaning of my often-but-not-always halfway well kept house.  So, I sit down in the quiet, sometimes with the company of a mindless TV show and scrap.   It’s not always deep thoughts I get on the canvas, after all if I had that much mental capacity or time, I’d be updating the above mentioned family blog with witty and time capsule worthy jewels. But it’s always fun.

Regardless of the quality of the final product, I love it!  And bonus… the memories trapped in my head are to a certain extent expressed on paper.  Well, they will be on paper when I print them out, which is another story altogether.  Another bonus is finding a community of women to share this passion with.  I stumbled upon the site Gotta Pixel at the beginning of my digiscrap experience and consider it a wonderful source of inspiration and a ready supply of goodies to create with.

So here I am, ready to bear my artistic (such as it is) soul to the world.  Judge me kindly, please and enjoy my growth.

And please note that I rarely wear red stilettos as pictured above while scrapping :)!


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